Tips from the author

I am not a geek.. I am eager to get on with the course.. I want to start as soon as it arrives..

Does this sound like you? this was me.. if so the the following tips are my advice to you, from what I have learn’ t so far..

1. Get a Blog (use its good and free), and build it to your requirements before your course material arrives, the last thing you want to be doing is messing around learning how to build it, populate it, tweak it and so on, I have spent the last 2 days trying to work out how these things work (still not there), practice up-loading some of your pictures. pages that you have no info on you type in “to be completed” or words to that effect, this will let people know that your getting there

2. Get a flikr account (you also need a yahoo account for that)..  once your there, join the OCA group there’s 399 (as I am writing) members there doing exactly what were doing.

3. Prepare a student profile to include (a) your personal background (b) any previous experience you have in the subject your studying (c) your expectations of the course, plus any other info that you would like your tutor to know, Oh and a picture of yourself (optional) because i was not prepared i ended up sending one i was not 100% happy with.

4. When your material arrives… it says send off your student profile to your tutor before starting…. this could take some time, as you don’t know what the current situation is with your tutor…they may be away on their Hols or compassionate reasons my advice send your profile..crack on with your course, and if anything changes it shouldn’t be too much hassle to re-arrange it.

5. when the time comes.. and it will on project 13 “the golden section”, follow this link:

download (copy and paste into PS) it works great in Photoshop (not sure about other programme’s) this will save you some time.

6. Project 11 “Balance”… open your drawing software and prepare a set of scales (if you go to my test page you will see what i mean), then save it in a format that is editable later, as you are required to explain your images with the use of a diagram similar to this.

7. THE BIG ONE when starting out build your blog with a project on a new page.. because as i have just found out the hard way, although there is an overall 3gb space limit, should you try to fit too much on one page it tends to time out before updating, I could not fit all the contents text and images (even after optimizing) of the frame on one page. currently going through a rebuild/reshuffle in the background.

that’s all I have for you, for now… but you can be sure I will be back with more as I realise where I went wrong.

If any one reads this and identifies or knows of any other pit falls to avoid, please comment,




2 Responses to “Tips from the author”

  1. Hi Paddy,
    Wow! You are certainly on top of things!! Your efficiency and thoughtfulness are mind blowing!
    The information and advice on your blog is so very useful – as I am in Spain at the moment ,so I won’t be able to collect my Course Pack for at least a couple of weeks. So, tonight, it seems that I am going to be very busy with profiles and uploading photos!! Setting up a Blog though! Now that sounds… well… kind of technical!! Your blog looks so professional!!! Anyway, I’ll give it a shot!
    Terry, thank you,that was very kind of you.
    Rob X

  2. Hi Paddy,

    Now I know what u mean by page 7!!!

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