The list below contains the main source’s and References that i have refereed to on this journey, there are others that i may have omitted (by mistake not intentionally).

Some how when i started this course i thought that i would be getting out and about with my camera… well i have, but i reckon i have spent, 75% of my time reading, researching, cross referencing and understanding what it really means and where it all fits in. 20% of my time has been out and about with my camera and the other 5% I’ve spent updating (sometimes cursing the machine) this blog.

This list is not a plug to go out and buy the books, get to the library and loan them (look out for subjects on the way… you will need them at some time).

Nikon D60 User’s manual (came with my camera)

Nikon School understanding digital photography DVD (came with my camera)

Nikon Lens manual’s (came with my lenses)

Photography a concise history publisher Thames & Hudson ISBN 0-5000-20187-0 (came with the course)

OCA course notes (came with the course)

The book of digital photography publisher ILEX ISBN-10 1-904705-85-5

Digital photography master class TOM ANG publisher DK ISBN-978-1-4053-1556-2 (best part of this book is the critique & the image analysis sections)

Langford’s Starting Photography publisher Elsevier Ltd ISBN–13978-0-240-52056-8

OCA forum’s website

Freeman View link

E-photozine website

FLKR forum’s website


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