Project 9: Focal Lengths

This project was to examine the different focal lengths, and understand and appreciate the effects between one focal length and another.
The project was pretty simple; identify an open scene with some detail in the distance and the middle, then along with a tripod take a sequence of photographs, all aimed at the same point, but at different focal lengths, (this project is very similar to project 1).

crops at different focal lengths
reduction of angle of view at different focal lengths

The diagram below simplistically (I love diagrams) shows that different focal lengths have different angles of view. The smaller the focal length, the wider the angle of view, opposite to that the longer the focal length the narrower the angle of view.

focal length diagram
different angles of view relating to different focal lengths

The lenses I currently use give me a focal length range from 18mm through to 200mm. My first photograph in the project, shows a picture of my scene taken with a focal length of 18mm; however, you can see from my drawings the reduction in view that occurs when I increase my focal length, the pay off to this is a number of things; firstly I get to crop the image to my liking at the time of capture, reducing post processing that also comes with some quality loss. Secondly and probably most importantly, because a greater focal length it will give a closer (or zoomed) in view, giving me more finer detail of a subject. Another advantage to this is it will allow me to keep my distance from a subject (i am thinking… man eating lions and other dangers here) but still filling the frame to my liking, as well as candid shots or sports photography (of which I do a lot of (football)).

focal length of 55mm

focal length of 55mm

focal length of 200mm

focal length of 200mm

click here to to see my references for this project


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