Project 8: Recording A Sequence

As the title suggests, recording a sequence
Having seen this display many times, the earliest when I was a boy (way back when), so I knew that at some point there would be fire involved, and that due to the arena being restricted in space, there would be a good chance that these boys would take the longest run up, so I decided to take the length as appose to the depth, this would give me some side view of the motorcycle and the fire.

Due to the nature of this subject (it being a one off) there wasn’t much room (if any) for error. This whole of this part of the display only lasted approximately sixty seconds.
The straw covered frame was doused in petrol, so once ignited, full flame was almost instantaneous, and the bikes were starting to approach the fire, this did not give me much time.

image 1 in sequence

image 1 in sequence

Although the next picture shows the rider halfway up the ramp and about to enter the burning frame I am not convinced that this is the better image of this sequence, but what I do like about this image is the colour of the riders face, you can only imagine the intense heat that this fire is emitting

image 2 in sequence

image 2 in sequence

This image showing the rider inside the frame with the back tyre yet to enter, on its own is not very exciting.

image 3 in sequence

image 3 in sequence

This image I like a lot because more of the rider can be seen and although he’s through most the fire he is still not yet out of danger.

image 4 in sequence

image 4 in sequence

Did I pick the right location to shoot from? Could I have moved around to capture the rider coming out of the fire head-on? I probably could have, however, what is very noticeable throughout this sequence, is the lack of sharpness due to the heat shimmer. Shooting from this angle given the shimmer the viewer can still make out the general shape of the bike and rider, something I am not sure I might have achieved from a head-on angle.

click here to to see my references for this project


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