Project 7: Objects In Different Positions In The Frame

Project 7:    Objects in different positions in the frame

For this project I needed to select a subject, and take at a series of (at least 4 different) photographs of the same subject, and place the subject in different positions of the frame, decide personal preference, decide which i think works best and study these images for their subject/background relationship.

For this Project I choose to use my bike and the playing field close to home, the playing field offered a relatively plain background, so the subject would not become overpowered by its surroundings, plus outside and off road is a fitting scene for a mountain bike.

The first thing I want to note is I think the positioning of certain subjects no matter where they are within the frame plays an important part of the composition of an image, some subjects clearly have a front and a rear, while other subjects do not for instance if i had decided to select a football instead of a bike and placed it in the same location within the frame, the effects of the the image would have been much different. With all my images of the bike they are all facing the same way, so in some of the images you get the perception that the bike is entering the scene and some thing is about to happen, while in others the bike appears to leaving the image giving the viewer the perception that something has just happened and I’ve missed it.

This first image, because of the size of the subject in relation to the frame (it almost comes to the edges) leaving very little around the edges, seems to take the viewers eyes away from the background, the bike is almost central, but not that noticeable because there is not a lot of space left around the subject, and it does not look isolated, although it is in reality as you can see in the images below. You see a lot of this composition in advertising material, when the seller only wants you to see their products.

assignment1 7

In this image I’ve given more space between the subject and the edge of the frame, with a noticeable difference of position (higher and left but still just off centre), but still the subject looks as if it is entering the scene (only slightly). In comparison to the last image the viewer can now see and get an idea of the environment that the subject is in. Because there is now more space it is now becoming more important where exactly in the frame I place it.

assignment1 11

The images below now show the subjects a lot smaller and seem to be lost in the environment. Although off centre, which in most cases seems to be desirable, in the case of these images, there is no justifaction and it does not seem to add any value to composition, in fact they give the opposite effect by leaving what seems to be a large portion of the picture wasted. Should I have choosen a different subject this could well have been a different matter.

assignment1 2

assignment1 4

The final image in this project shows the subject small and centred  in the frame,  the subject still seems lost, and because of the change of scenery the viewers eye tends to be drawn to the tree line.

assignment1 1

assignment1 5

In fact that is not going to be the final image of the project, I am going back to this location with a football to prove to myself that a different subject in the same environment will work much better.


click here to to see my references for this project


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