Project 15: Cropping

For this project i needed to to select three photographs that i had taken previously and preform some cropping, the aim to identify any possible new images within the photograph already taken and to look at it in a fresh way with the scope of enhancing the image.

Since this is the last project in the section “the frame”  which as been all about composition, you might be lead into the preconception that this is the the last thing that should be done before printing of your images, but as alluded to in an earlier project, it has become pretty obvious that this is one of the first things that should be done when i am composing my shot either by zooming in or out or moving closer or away from the subject, and if need be rotate the camera, to frame the shot as best i can. I know there are times that this is not possible.. my own experiences, of shooting my daughters football match’s, things move too fast, and therefore a lot of preemption plays a big part, and I know I have to do some post cropping, and the payoffs that come with this.. such as loss of quality and longer sat at the computer. What I do find is that using the tripod does slow me down a lot. That said, even with a tripod and time spent on location composing an image, more often than not cropping is going to take place somewhere in my work flow for one reason or another. Due to the loss of quality when cropping, i now shoot in raw with the largest setting on my camera, i do not get as many images on card but the pros out weigh the cons.

This first couple of images were taken at my daughters football match, the top picture is un-cropped, and although its showing the main subject fairly well, there are some elements within the frame that are not adding value to the overall picture.


This image shows a tighter crop, removing the unwanted elements. Firstly the player on the extreme left of the image, i would have liked more of this player present in the shot, because its for this reason the player with the ball is leaning into a change of direction, but because only her face and the toe of her boot is showing i thought it best to remove her, (however, what i have done here is taken away an element that was quite possibly providing some dynamic balance, what i have created by cropping this player is an unbalanced image, although the white pitch markings afford some presence). I have also cropped a fairly large proportion of the fencing and trees across the whole of the top of the image.. i felt that this was a lot of wasted space, but what i did not want to do, was crop too much giving the players were squeezed in. On the right side of the picture i have cropped only slightly, removing some of these elements but at the same time leaving enough to still tell the story.



This image I took whilst out in Bangladesh, taken in a busy market place i was lucky enough to capture an un-blocked view of my subjects. Again this image below is the un-cropped version. there’s a lot going on in this image.. and probably (i think so) the most interesting is squashed in the top right quadrant of the frame.



This next image (below) shows some severe (near 3/4 of the original) cropping, but also eliminates a lot of unnecessary adage. What i like about this image now is, it  focuses on where the main and most interesting activity is taking place.



to be continued..

click here to to see my references for this project


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