OAC The Art of Photography

This course was written for the OCA by best selling photography author Michael Freeman. the aim of the course introduces and applies principles of composition; develops understanding and skill in using the different qualities of light and the properties of colour; develops knowledge of the principles of graphic design as they apply to photography.

Content of the course

  • The principles of composition

  • The principles of graphic design in photography

  • The basic properties of colour

  • Structuring an image

  • Using light, both natural and artificial.

This Blog (Realgraphics) and the following pages will follow my progression through the OCA photography courses. I intend to use this Blog to record my projects, notes, thoughts, consolidation of links and any other material I think may influence or be of use to me. There is a very good chance I will be flicking back a forward updating old projects as I discover new things so come back, But MOST IMPORTANTLY is you see me going wrong, or just want to offer advice, please let me Know thank-you, Paddy


One Response to “OAC The Art of Photography”

  1. Hi Paddy,

    I am really enjoying the course BUT the blog part of it has been so damn infuriating!! I reckon that I have spent 10% of my time on the project and 90% of my time on uploading images onto my blog!!! I am feeling my way around the blog now but it can be very tempremental to say the least! Keep in touch. Rob X. PS. I have left you a message on your OCA whiteboard.

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