12 Aug 09

Coming to the end of of the frame and tackling assignment 1, I am a bit late in starting this diary, the reason: I have never kept a diary before, and at the time of starting this course I thought I would put my thoughts and words into the relevant sections, that, however, doesn’t work as good as I thought it would, because there are simply some things that do not fit in a particular pigeon hole.

23 Aug 09

Away from home…. on the surface, not much being done on the blog, but underneath I have being building section three;  Elements of design, shooting more options for assignment 1, shooting for section 3 EoD & putting some thoughts together of these images.

13 Jan 2100

Happy New-Year to all, the last four months have been so hectic (with work, Queen & Country), very little visually has been done to my learning blog, however, plenty of research, reading, image making and networking has taken place, only this week I convinced “the proud parents to be” (new friends) to allow me to capture the early days of their first child, they are expecting in the next few months, coupled with that I’ am attending a small business start-up course at the end of the month, hopefully this will be of great benefit to me and my long term plans. so first things first, i need to get on with my assessment, and the rest of the course, So this year I really need to knuckle down between work, and get the back of this cracked.


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