Assignment 1

This assignment (my first), is based of the photographic version of the well-known project devised by Johannes Itten from the early part of last century, whose theory of composition were based on contrasts.

For this assignment, I need to make eight pairs (from a given list) of images, each pair expressing their different contrast, then an additional image, this image is to show a combination of both contrasts in the same frame. giving a total of 17 images.

The images below are my current selection for the assignment, as this is an ongoing work, they may well not be the final images that I submit.


Title straight

Subject steps

Setup the subject did not take any setting up, however, i did need to wait until the area was clear of people.

Weather Sunny & bright, with the sun high, forward and left of my position, casting light to he surface of the steps.

Aperture f/5.6

Shutter 1/125 sec

Focal Length 40mm

ISO 100

Tripod no

Hand held yes

Other patience

Self critique & Image analysis


a.   Balance I think the balance in this image works really well, this I think is due to the difference in depths and the heights of the dark and light tones of the horizontals and verticals of the steps, the broader of each is at the base of the image, while the finer sit above, each one reduced in size the further up the frame, giving the over all perception of stability.

b.   Format of frame Because the tones in the steps run horizontal, and exceed the parameters of the frame, I believe that the frame format used is better suited than a vertical format.

c.   Golden ratio Given the nature of the subject, and the close cropping of the image to the extent that it is bordering on abstract, the golden ratio did not come in to play with this image.

What did I do? The location of the subject, sits in one of (if not the most) busiest Disney parks in Florida, Epcot) and for this reason, although not totally impractical, I opted to take this image without the tripod, so I stood at the base of the steps, leading to a Chinese restaurant, hand held, composed the shot and waited, and waited and waited some more until I had the subject free of feet then I released the shutter. After viewing the image on my monitor, it was pretty obvious that some straightening needed to be done. The straightening process can only do so much, and although it may not be blatantly clear to spot it (you can just see the light on the apex of the top step far right) I know its there, and it became evident that my initial positioning was wrong.

How do I think/feel this went? The over all the process was not difficult, the most difficult part was waiting for the subject to be clear of people.

What did I learn? No matter what the circumstances are (unless injury of arrest), it pays to take your time get the correct positioning, use a tripod if necessary, make sure my composition is as good as it can be, then wait some more if need be before releasing the shutter.

What will I do differently next time When taking an image of this nature in the future, I must remember to square up.





Aperture f/

Shutter / sec

Focal Length mm



Hand held


Self critique & Image analysis


a.   Balance

b.   Format of frame

c.   Golden ratio

What did I do?

How do I think/feel this went?

What did I lern?

What will I do differently next time


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