Welcome to my blog, Ive recently enrolled on the Art Of Photography course with the Open College of the Arts, this blog will form my learning log, it is still in its infancy, however I endeavor to pack it full of my upcoming work, thoughts, experiences and maybe a bit of guidance on how not to to do it (as I am sure I will find out the hard way).

I am fast approaching assignment 1, and most of the projects are complete, however, as with anything, you always want to add more, to that end I will be redressing old projects as and when I learn something new.

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Last Updated 13 Jan 2010


One Response to “Home”

  1. Paddy, thanks for commenting on the thread in Flickr (setting up ablog for AOP). It made me change my mind about blogs. I had been keeping a handwritten log for 2 courses, so for my 3rd I’ll have a blog. Feel free to have a look and give some suggestions. I have no clue about what I’m doing!!!

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